Starting in the Summer of 2021, we anticipate making a minor adjustment to the summer experience of our older travel teams (those finishing 7th and 8th grades).


Starting in 2020-2021:


Fall and winter open-enroll instruction for ALL grades remains the same:

* A la carte fall clinics + tournament

* Winter clinics as offered

* Open-registration day camp in June


Selective travel program for players finishing grades 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th remains the same:

* Travel player day camp @ GA

* 2-3 tournaments in June and early July


Selective travel program for players finishing grades 8th will be CONDENSED:

* High-level travel-only player day camp @ GA

* One competitive tournament in mid-June

The only change: there will be no overnight camp, or additional tournaments, for players finishing 8th grade. The intention of this change is to provide a shorter, but rigorous experience to players who might not be able to commit to the longer program or might want to play for another program that runs concurrently. 

Comet Girls Lacrosse 2021

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